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Do I Need an Attorney in My South Carolina DSS Case?

South Carolina Supreme Court I'm often asked if a party to a Department of Social Services case needs an attorney. Sometimes, they have even been told they don't need an attorney by the guardian ad litem ("GAL") or someone else. I strongly disagree with this bad advice. In May of 2013, the South Carolina Supreme Court declined to overturn the termination of parental rights ("TPR") of a mother who had been denied legal counsel. The TPR involved a child who was in the...
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Grandparent Custody in South Carolina DSS Cases

grandparents can be foster care providers In my South Carolina practice, grandparents ask of they can get custody of their grandchild in a DSS case. So-called third-party victims of child abuse and neglect can play a vital part in any given South Carolina DSS action.  The grandparents, aunts and uncles and adult siblings can step up and become the child’s placement resource through relative placement.  DSS is required to conduct a preliminary investigation within twenty-four hours after the child is...
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Does DSS Always Remove a Child When It Suspects Abuse?

child being taken away The South Carolina Department of Social Services ("DSS") does not always remove an abused or neglected child from his parents. South Carolina law clearly states that the goal is to protect the child from further abuse or neglect and to remedy any physical, emotional, or psychological harm the child may have suffered.  Maybe the threat can be removed, instead. South Carolina DSS is not a therapeutic agency, and has no qualified treatment professionals...
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