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Can the Department of Social Services Delegate Investigation to Third Parties?

DSS delegation to third partiesI recently had a case where DSS referred my clients to Carolina Youth Development Center (CYDC) to see if it could meet with the family in order to determine if there were any services which CYDC might offer to the family.  CYDC stressed that it was not conducting an investigation, and told my clients they could refuse to accept services, but their refusal would be reported to DSS who could file a legal (court) case...
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Department of Social Services is Knocking on My Door!

Girl outsideWhat do you do when Child Protective Services comes knocking at your door? First of all, assess your position. Remain reasonable and calm, and know that anything you say or do may later be used to either help or harm you. Less talk and more listening may be best course of action until you have legal representation. You should know what has been alleged against you. South Carolina Code Section 62-7-20 delineates those requirements. “Child abuse or neglect" or "harm" occurs when the parent, guardian, or...
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