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When is DSS Removal of a Child Appropriate?

girl looking at ducks South Carolina DSS removal of a child is, many times, not in the best interests of the child.  Of course, a child who is being systematically physically or sexually abused should not remain in the care and custody of an abusive parent.  But what about an eight-year-old child from a low income family that is not getting proper nourishment or who is habitually absent from school without excuse? In an earlier post we asked “Is removal of the child called for...
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8 Common Grounds for Termination of Parental Rights in South Carolina

picture of child--babyDSS wants to terminate my parental rights.  How can they do this?  I’m her mother.  My child needs me. Termination of parental rights has often been referred to as the Family Court’s equivalent to the death penalty. Here in South Carolina, once a parent's rights have been terminated, the parent ceases to exist in the life of the childForever.  The child is then most often placed for adoption without any further consideration for the natural parents. The...
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